Plastic litter threatens river life in UK

Discarded plastic bags, cups and food wrappers are threatening wildlife in Britain’s rivers, a study suggests.

A stretch of Uk river.
A stretch of Uk river.


Plastic debris is harming Britain’s rivers where it is accumulating in large amounts, scientists have warned.

Researchers claim plastic litter, polystyrene cups and discarded packaging are choking river habitats but goes largely unnoticed as they are hidden on the bottom of rivers.

They documented 8,490 pieces of plastic including plastic bags, food wrappers and other debris collected while conducting a three month study of a major stretch of river.

Environmental groups have long raised concerns about the amount of waste accumulating in the Uk on a daily basis in the country, by the roadside and in our rivers.

Dr Dave Morritt, a senior lecturer in marine biology at Royal Holloway University who co-authored the study, said: “This underwater litter must be taken into account when predicting the amount of pollution entering our rivers and seas, not just those items that we can see at the surface and washed up on shore.

Extracts taken from article by , Science Correspondent with the telegraph.