Small shops to charge 5p for every plastic bag and hand cash to charity

Soon, ‘everyone’ will be charging for plastic bags



The National Association of Convenience  Stores – which represents more than 33,500 small shops and takeaway outlets –  has decided to adopt the charges, which are due to become compulsory in larger stores in England from October 2015 & Scotland from October 2104.

Small shopkeepers and fast food retailer Subway are already to levy a five pence charge for each plastic bag handed out as reported in the Daily Mail, Dec 2013.

Shane Brennan, public affairs director at the Association of Convenience Stores, said there was a ‘strong appetite’ among shopkeepers to apply the charges.

The need to charge

Many plastic bags are used for only 20 minutes, but take up to 1,000 years to rot away. They litter the landscape and kill marine animals  and birds, which suffer long, painful deaths after eating them or getting tangled in them.

Money from the new charges, to be introduced in 2015 in England, will be handed to charities who have to deal with the impact of bags on the environment and wildlife.

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