Antibacterial Shopping bags and how they protect us, and help our planet.


First of all, you are doing a good thing.

There are many, many reasons why mostly all ‘bags for life’ make sense on an environmental level. The sheer volume of plastic that would be saved from ending up in our sewers, streets, fields, roadsides, trees and landfills would be MASSIVLEY cut if we religiously swapped our use of plastic bags to a longer term option.

The need to help rid the world of the ‘plastic plague’ that is plastic bags, is clear, and now, with a new ‘bigfatbag’, you can. And there’s more.

Not only will you help the epidemic that clogs our planets veins, it provides the ‘holy grail’ of food hygiene….., a lifetime, wipe clean, antibacterial shopping bag. Safe, protected transportation of that most valuable commodity,……………..our food.

We should be using antibacterial shopping bags for ‘all our shopping’

How your bag-for-life could POISON you: Expert warns that reusable carriers  could become contaminated with E.coli
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Help make a difference, help make a big fat difference to your own life, and the world


Find out more at to read about the technology STAYFRESH powered by Cliniweave (Protx2™), the industry leading technology that is used in surgery rooms the world over, and is now available in our shopping bag. follow us on facebook at bigfatbags or twitter @bigfatbags

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We cant stop this overnight, but we can start to help

The effects and cost to our world on a daily basis as a result of ‘plastic bags’, is not on the front page of every newspaper everyday, but the facts that surround this obsession to use 1 trillion of these every year, are devastating.

  • 1,000,000+ sea birds die each year as a result of plastic ingestion, strangulation or just rendered helpless
  • 100,000+ sharks, turtles, whales, seals and dolphins die every year to the same fate
  • The average reusable bag has the lifespan of over seven hundred disposable plastic bags!
  • The petroleum used to make ‘one’ plastic bag could fuel a car to drive 115 metres !
  • That’s 14 plastic bags= 1 mile

Help prevent this

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Surely we have a responsibility to help stop this?

Article published by The Grocery Box Company Ltd. Mar 2014.

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All bigfatbags come with the inbuilt technology, STAYFRESH powered by Cliniweave. Find out more at

All bigfatbags are EPA approved and tested to ICT (Internation Centre Testing) to ensure the absence of all toxins, lead(pb), cadmium(Cd), mercury(Hg) & Hexavalent Chromium(Cr(VI)) and sent via our total zero Co2 cost to you delivery system.

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