How much will the average family spend each year on plastic bags?

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We are all going to be paying for them, everytime, every place, everywhere.

Since the first bans on plastic bags came into effect over ten years ago, the world has joined in with literally thousands of new legislations & laws coming to countries, towns & cities across the planet.

Scotland will see the charge implemented in October 2014 with England following in 2015. Although this isn’t entirely new, In the UK many high street shops and supermarkets already charge for plastic bags. IKEA introduced a 10p charge for its bio-degradable plastic bags last year. The discount retailers Aldi and Lidl also charge and M&S charge 5p per plastic bag given out.

Giving it an interesting spin, Sainsburys are telling their customers not to be concerned with the plastic bag charge as they will apply a 40p charge to every delivery order regardless of number of bags used. However way you wish to look at it, the charge will soon be a part of our lives and it can easily mount up.

The facts are that soon, no matter where you shop, in a supermarket, butchers, newsagents, retail store or online, you will begin racking up 5p charges that on an annual basis can become considerable. A day out shopping in the town could well equate to 50p – £1 in plastic bag charges everytime.

What do these plastic bag charges mean to the average family in £’s?

It is estimated the average family will use between 800 – 1200 plastic bags per year. At 5p a time, that works out to anything from £40 – £60 per year!! Its not hard to believe given the auto accept frequency with which we receive plastic bags on a daily basis.

Its a scary thought, well here is an even scarier one. Multiply that number by every ‘average family’, then ask yourself this……..what eventually happens to all those plastic bags?’

Article by The Grocery Box Company Ltd 2014

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