How your Antibacterial Bigfatbag is made safe by Science


What is Protx2™ ?

The primary benefit of Protx2™ is it’s unrivalled ability to control microbial growth (hold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, yeast, algae) by providing long-term effective control of micro-organisms on the product and thus promotes the effective life of the product.

It is completely durable to wash and is not destroyed by repeated cleaning. Protx2™’s efficacy and safety has been documented in numerous peer reviewed publications, trade articles and certified tests.

The Protx2™ range of products is dedicated to combating hospital and community acquired infections including MRSA, VRE, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae; and by their application greatly assist in reducing the spread of such infections.

* Source ifabricCorp.# website 2014

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