Is the ‘Ebola Virus’ on its way to the UK?

How could it get here?

There was nothing unusual-looking about the passenger arriving at Heathrow from Lagos. He was carrying one of the most deadly diseases known to mankind, but it wasn’t noticed by overstretched Nigerian airport officials before departure, nor by attendants on the flight, despite their special training to watch out for feverish passengers. This is happily an imaginary tale, Just as well, then, that no one ever gets Ebola beyond a handful of unlucky souls in the remote rural villages of equatorial West and Central Africa.

However experts fear the virus could well make its way to the UK. 

Outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone & Liberia continues to spread.

The latest outbreak of the disease is not only to be the worst ever by number of deaths, it has also been the first to spread to people living in major urban centres, including national capitals. The risk of it spreading across the world is now very real, experts warn.

Since the outbreak started in Guinea in February, spreading to Sierra Leone and Liberia, the virus has now claimed the lives of over 2,500 people.

An Ebola Virus Virion
An Ebola Virus Virion

A cruel irony of Ebola is that those caring for its victims often contract the disease themselves. Recent casualties included one of Liberia’s most respected doctors and two Americans — thought to be Ebola’s first Western victims.

Dr Ken Brantly was the medical director of a Christian aid charity, Samaritan’s Purse, who had been working in Liberia since October. He contracted the disease despite wearing head-to-toe protective clothing while treating sufferers.

Nancy Writebol, a Christian missionary, had also been working with Ebola victims in the Liberian capital of Monrovia when she became infected.

Early treatment of symptoms can save lives.

Dr Brantly, at least, may yet defy Ebola’s grim statistics. Early treatment improves a patient’s chances of survival, and he recognised his own symptoms and got immediate care.

His wife and two young children were with him in Liberia until flying home to the U.S. a few weeks ago, but they have not yet shown any signs of the disease.

On Sunday, Liberia took the drastic step of closing its borders but it may be already too late. In Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, a Liberian man who tested positive for Ebola died on Friday.

This could prove fatal. If the disease gets going in Nigeria, it would be cause for concern experts warn. Nigeria has close links with the UK and many other countries.’

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