Customers Feedback


Customer testimonials are hugely important and integral to any businesses success. We are proud of our product and what our customers think of it. With over 10,000 bags now sold here in the UK, below are just some of the many comments, emails and opinions given by customers. Thank you all for your comments and for taking the time to feel the need to provide your most valuable feedback.

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Customers Comments:

“SO VERY USEFUL” five-golden-stars

23 November 2015

These shopping boxes are great, they make it so much easier to pack your shopping, extra good if like me you scan your shopping. They are strong, with good handles. I have been buying them for my family, they make nice and very useful gifts.

“SUPERB SHOPPING ITEM” five-golden-stars

11 February 2016

Have purchased 4 of these bags and lost 2 to family members (husband uses it as tool bag) Really strong and great from the trolley to car boot. First saw them in camping holiday in France!! good alternative to all the other bags for life out there!

“IDEAL AROUND THE HOME!” five-golden-stars

2 January 2016

I agree these bags are great for shopping, but where i have found them fantastic is storing my kids toys. 1 for LEGO and playmobile and 1 for tidy up time around the living room after another mammoth mess has been created by two toddlers!! Easy to carry around. 



09 November 2015

I have long searched for a bag for life that could be used for everything and i found it in this one. Strong, and ideal for my car boot. Great from the checkout all the way to the kitchen table. I am impressed by the antibacterial part as i never thought this was available in shopping bags where food was concerned and having a young family this is an added bonus. Perfect also for storing all the kids toys 🙂 Very happy.

“SHOPPING MADE EASY (IER!)”five-golden-stars

19 October 2015

I have now purchased 3 of these collapsible boxes and would recommended them to anyone. Like previous reviewers have said, they are perfect for packing groceries at the checkout then lifting into car boot and out at home. No matter how carefully I pack bags, I still end up with something turned over, or a heavy item falling on a more delicate one – usually as I turn a corner! As these have a solid bottom, when you lay items flat, they stay flat. I also think they are the perfect size as any larger and I think there would be a tendency to over load them, making it difficult to lift and carry.

“PERFECT AT ALDI” five-golden-stars

16 November 2015

If anyone shops at Aldi/Lidl, you are rushed through with little time to pack well and have to move your goods to a ‘packing area’. These bags are a solution to this as the packing could not be easier or faster. I recommended them to the Aldi store i use.

“EXCELLENT PRODUCT”five-golden-stars

29 March 2016

I bought one of these and a set of trolley bags. Found the trolley bags useless so returned them where as these are brilliant. They are sturdy, hold their shape and fit loads of shopping in without it getting squashed, yet it folds flat for storage in the boot. I have received many compliments and have always said where they can be purchased (yourselves) I have now purchased another three and do not often need to use any other bag.


22 October 2015

Almost every shopping trip results in me receiving comments from the checkout staff at how great these bags are and how easy to pack. Even other customers in the que have commented before. Your bags have made me a celebrity 🙂


28 April 2015

I bought two of these boxes and I’m absolutely delighted with them. They are brilliant for ‘scan and shop’ compared with trying to get things in bags that collapse and close.

“BEST BAGS EVER”five-golden-stars

28 August 2015

I now have 3 of these bags and are marvellous when doing a big shop. They are useful so many other things, e.g. picnics, ideal for towels, etc when taking the family swimming. So easy to pack at the checkout. Have recommended them to my sisters and friends and they now have bought them.


11 February 2016

Fantastic product, bought them for shopping and now use for storing kids toys. Received a black and pink one for christmas, none of this colour in store so got two solid black ones. Ideal and love how they flat pack and keep them in car. Same as previous comments in that always get comments at checkout at how easy they are to pack. A+


18 January 2016

Where i love these bags is packing at the checkout. The best way to describe it is like ‘Jenga’. It is actually a lot of fun packing and they store so much. I recommend these bags highly!!

“GREAT FOR CARAVANNING” five-golden-stars

21 February 2016

Fit perfectly under our storage units and are easily lifted for use when needed. Also safe for food storage and taking with us on picnics!! LOVE THEM! Only problem is they are so useful, whatever you use them for becomes the primary use and you need to buy more for its original purpose!

“LOVE THESE BOXES” five-golden-stars

5 December 2015

I Lived in North America where this style of box first became available. They are immensely popular in the States and im not surprised they have found there way over to the UK. Only surprise is it has taken so long! Love the branding, very quirky !!

“THEY ARE ALWAYS IN MY CAR” five-golden-stars

28 September 2015

These bags are so worth the money, clean, easy to use, well balanced and they hold a great deal of shopping. I bought Pink panther and the black box, so stylish as well. 

“REALLY GOOD ITEM” five-golden-stars

18 August 2015

Brilliant, so easy to transfer groceries in and out again. I would usually use about 6 plastic bags on a weekly shop – so simple I can fit it into 2 of these. Strong, trendy and LOVE the environment side.

“EVEN MY CAT LOVES THEM” five-golden-stars

14 November 2015

Absolutely love these bags and can’t recommend them highly enough. They hold so much and even when filled are easy to carry. Saves time in the supermarket as they are much easier than plastic bags and they sit great in the boot of the car so no more tins falling out the bags and rolling around. Even my cat approves! Lol

“PRACTICAL, EASY TO USE & STURDY” five-golden-stars

23 July 2015

Have went through countless bags for life and believe i have now found the one that truly lives up to its name. Its simply a very good product for what it does and i would recommend it.

“ALDI NEED THESE” five-golden-stars

17 December 2015

Could not agree more with other customers comment ‘Perfect at Aldi’. These bags are great at Aldi along with all other checkouts for packing.They would make the whole shopping experience a lot less stressful if they had them. I would recommend also.

“VERY STRONG & USEFUL” five-golden-stars

20 February 2016

Received these as a Christmas gift. Would never have believed i would say how a bag for life could be such a great item. This one truly is. Love using them and starting to see a lot more of them in supermarkets.

“SAW THESE IN AMERICA” five-golden-stars

11 July 2015

Got back from holiday with our big fat bags ! They are so popular over there, almost everyone had a version of this bag in Walmart and in the supermarkets. Dont think they had the antibacterial element as mine do. Can see how they have finally found themselves over here now! Really good bag.
With so many other positive comments to choose from, we know we are doing something right and our unique lifetime antibacterial bag-for-life is doing what it was designed to do, and in such a versatile and helpful way. We want to thank all our customers once again for their remarks and support. Lets all keep making a big-fat-difference.