The best ways to maintain your bag-for-life.

Well Done for using a reusable shopping bag!


First of all, you are making a big fat difference and thereby making a stand against the scourge that is plastic bags.

Recent studies showed that 97% of us were generally unaware our bag was of any threat to us. It is so common for all of us to overlook what feels unnecessary, however given our bag carries a large majority of essential items and what we eat, we need to keep it safe. But with so many different fabrics, styles & structures, what is best for you and the bag? well thats not as easy to answer as you’d think. It really depends on what the bag is made of.

If its cotton, hemp, polyester, Nylon or poly-nylon or plastic, what is the most effective way to keep it germ free and safe for us to use? Should you hand wash or machine?

Depending what your bag is made of, click here for for the guide @ Maintaining your reusable bag to be safe for you & and best for the bag



All bags should be cleaned, and in some bags, you can spray an antibacterial coating on, however this does wear off and must not be relied upon long term. No matter what sort of bag you use, keep it safe & clean.

Find out more about the Bigfatbag, the New antibacterial shopping bag at and be confident your bag is lifetime protected from a variety of bacteria including E-coli, MRSA, C.Difficle, VRE and many more Powered by Cliniweave, STAYFRESH antibacterial technology is embedded into the bag at point of manufacture therefore will NEVER wash or wipe off. Lifetime Wipe Clean to provide a safe and secure environment for all your groceries, fruit & veg, fresh produce & meats. It provides the ideal solution for picnics, storage for childrens toys, laundry bags and many more..

Make a big fat difference




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