Revealed: The invisible bugs that lurk on your hands – even AFTER you’ve washed them

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If hands aren’t washed, the bacteria will be spread and could cause illness

Peter Hoffman, an expert in infection control at Public Health England says ‘People may not be aware of how many germs they get on their hands after doing a range of general everyday tasks.’

Images taken by Mr Hoffman show how easily our hands are riddled with bacteria and viruses from everyday tasks such as picking up an old dishcloth to cleaning a kitchen surface. Experts warn that not hand-washing means just one bacterium can grow into hundreds and thousands in a short space of time.

However the images also highlight just how easy it is to get rid of the majority of the bugs with simple soap and water. While it doesn’t totally sterilise the hands (see images below), when done properly, basic hand washing greatly reduces contamination.

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Women wash their hands more than men.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men are the least thorough with their hand washing – with less than six in ten always washing their hands thoroughly after using the toilet. Women adopt better hygiene habits with almost three quarters claiming thorough hand washing, according to market analysts Mintel.

Dr Paul Cosford, Director of Health Protection and Medical Director at Public Health England, said: ‘It is quite shocking to see just how many bacteria we get onto our hands from doing everyday tasks.

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Article by The Grocery Box Company Ltd May 2014

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