How safe is your Bigfatbag?

‘Bigfatbags’ exceed British safety standards.

bristish safety standards

The technology called Cliniweave, has been studied at Imperial College, London by leading microbiologist Professor Mark Enright, who compared its effectiveness against the three industry leading silver-based antimicrobial fabrics. ‘Cliniweave is extremely fast acting and effective against pathogens including MRSA, C.Difficile and E.Coli.’ said Professor Enright. Further trials are underway to test efficiency against other agents such as anthrax and SARS.

The results showed that only Cliniweave-treated samples demonstrated significant antibacterial activity against high concentrations of MRSA, severely reducing bacterial numbers within just one hour. Cliniweave employs a triple attack against bacteria by disrupting membrane transport function (metal chelation), inhibiting ATP synthesis, and disrupting the cell wall coupling enzyme. This ensures rapid death of bacteria.

The environmentally friendly active ingredient that provides Cliniweave’s antimicrobial performance exceeds British Standards wash durability testing and meets the safety requirements of the European Commission. Clinweave also holds up against raw protein & blood spillage.

red-bagEvery Bigfatbag is infused with this incredible technology at point of manufacture. It does not wash off or wear away and remains active for life. We believe a bag-for-life should be just that….for life, and with its unique, incredibly strong structure that is collapsible, it will stay with you, outlasting thousands of plastic bags, all the time keeping you & your family safe for many years to come. Our bags are also fully endorsed by Professor Hugh Pennington CBE, Chairman of the last two E-Coli outbreaks in the UK.


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