Is your ‘reusable’ shopping bag safe?

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Reusable shopping bags, we use them everyday, in all shapes and sizes with varied colours, designs, brands & logos, but are they safe? After all, think of the number of items that pass through that same reusable shopping bag on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This is not scare tactics, this is science according to Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a University professor of environmental microbiology and author of the study into reusable shopping bags and the dangers of bacteria, “Furthermore, consumers are alarmingly unaware of these risks and the critical need to sanitize their bags after every use.” said Professor Gerba.

‘Bags-for-life’ are NOT safe. Its official.

Our findings suggest a serious threat to public health, especially from coliform bacteria including E. coli, which were detected in more than half the bags sampled,” said Professor Gerba

Professor Hugh Pennington, CBE, of Aberdeen University and chairman of the E-coli committee has also stated his concerns many times around the dangers that lurk in our everyday bags-for-life and indeed went as far to say that they could ‘poison’ us.

The need to start protecting ourselves and our family from this threat is now very real. The Grocery Box Company Ltd are proud to offer the solution. A stylish Antibacterial Shopping bag that is lifetime wipe clean using the most amazing technology, is now available at

Not only does this bag offer Life time protection and the ideal replacement for the ‘eco-damaging’ plastic bag, it makes life far easier at checkouts for all and prevents items from rolling around in the boot of our cars. Professor Pennington says ‘With the Antibacterial embedded within these bags, they are a pleasure to use’. He added the bigfatbags were ‘Incredibly strong yet light and capacious’.

Over 8 million of these have already been sold in North America. It enables you to use a bag for all those day to day supermarket and local store trips, knowing that you are protected by ‘STAYFRESH powered by Cliniweave & ProtX2’,

To read the Food Safety News article containing Dr Gerba’s findings, please visit


Find out more about the technology behind STAYFRESH at, a quite amazing journey into the world of the very same technology that is used in operating theatres.

Article by The Grocery Box Company Ltd Mar 2014

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