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How safe is your Bigfatbag?

‘Bigfatbags’ exceed British safety standards. The technology called Cliniweave, has been studied at Imperial College, London by leading microbiologist Professor Mark Enright, who compared its effectiveness against the three industry leading silver-based antimicrobial fabrics. ‘Cliniweave is extremely fast acting and effective against pathogens … Continued

A customers review on bigfatbags

I often find carrying heavy shopping bags difficult from the shop to the car and from the car to the house. Since using the big fat bag product I have been able to make this part of my life much easier in … Continued

Is the ‘Ebola Virus’ on its way to the UK?

How could it get here? There was nothing unusual-looking about the passenger arriving at Heathrow from Lagos. He was carrying one of the most deadly diseases known to mankind, but it wasn’t noticed by overstretched Nigerian airport officials before departure, … Continued