Our Big Fat Bags

  • Candy Cane (Small)

    Limited Edition: Our festive ‘Candy Cane’ design in classic red, white & green that is so intrinsically linked with this most wonderful time of the year. Ideal as the perfect gift bag/hamper, present or simply use to arrive with your goodies at the party. Logo: ‘Have a big fat christmas’ Size: Small 26.5cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Vintage Red (Medium)

    A distinct throwback look with classic red and white polka dot styling reminiscent of the 1950’s. This new design offers a vintage option in a modern world. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Hamptons Blue (Medium)

    NEW DESIGN: The look made famous by the wealthy U.S beach location, bold blue & white that’s unmistakably Hamptons’ darling! Ideal for the beach and the supermarket. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Pink Panther (Medium)

    Solid and strong with a big fat twist, a vibrant splash of hot pink to the handles and logo to stand out. Antibacterial, Strong, practical and now with added style. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Midnight (Medium)

    As a tribute to the stars and skies above, deep blue background providing the night sky and cool silver for the stars that twinkle above our wonderful world. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Mother Earth (Medium)

    The 1st and original big fat bag. Designed with earth & water tones that relate to the world around us. NOW at an amazing price! Get your hands on the bag that changed shopping. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.


  • Black Box (Medium)

    The name says it all. Robust, Safe and will keep your items intact. 100% made from recyclable materials. Ideal around the home to store household goods or readily flat packed in the car ready for anything. Size: Medium 37cm(w) x 26.5(d) x 28(h)

    Lifetime Antibacterial Protection.



Why We Chose stay-fresh


  • Unique & Innovative technology.
  • Superior antimicrobial/anti-fungal protection.
  • Holds up against poultry juice, raw protein concerns and blood.
  • Highly effective against harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Lifetime wipe clean antibacterial, will never wash or wipe off. Ever.
  • Stayfresh Technology is infused at the point of manufacture.

Find out more about Stayfresh technology (CLICK HERE)

Protx2™ antibacterial technology.

Each bigfatbag comes with Protx2™ embedded. The primary benefit of Protx2™ is it’s unrivalled ability to control microbial growth (hold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, yeast, algae) by providing long-term effective control of micro-organisms on the product and thus promotes the effective life of the product. It is completely durable to wash and is not destroyed by repeated cleaning. Protx2™’s efficacy and safety has been documented in numerous peer reviewed publications, trade articles and certified tests.

The Protx2™ range of products is dedicated to combating bacteria and community acquired infections including MRSA, VRE, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae, VRE and C.Difficile. Stayfresh technology is currently undergoing tests on effectiveness against both SARS & Anthrax.

For more scientific information on both the Protx2™ technology that is infused into each bigfatbag, Learn more about Protx2™ at http://www.ifabriccorp.com/


Product Details

Lifetime protection in a bag-for-life

  • Incredibly Strong yet Light
  • Loved at Checkouts, easy to pack
  • asseenontv100% recyclable material
  • LIFETIME Wipe Clean
  • Embedded Antibacterial
  • Collapsible
  • Out lasts hundreds of plastic bags

ITV’s Ruth Langsford says…..


‘brilliant grocery bags/boxes…..it’s a big fat Yes from me!”  

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